Keller Farms is also Illinois Environmental Protection Agency permitted for land application of non-hazardous, industrial and municipal waste materials. In this capacity, we work with county and state government agencies to comply with the Illinois Solid Waste Management Act to minimize the landfill disposal of non-hazardous solid waste. We currently land apply wastewater treatment plant sludge, water treatment plant lime sludge and industrial by-products from several St. Louis metro east area municipalities. Applying these materials to agricultural land enhances soil quality and increases availability of good soils that are profitable for farm production.

If your business has nonhazardous waste in large quantities and you would like to reduce the amount going to landfills, as well as save money on the disposal, please contact our office. We will need to know the quantity produced, plant location, and be able to view a lab analysis or be given samples so that proper lab testing can be done.